: India is one of the few countries where electronic voting machines (EVMs) are used for voting. One needs to press the button against the electoral symbol of his choice to register a vote. EVMs provide many benefits compared to traditional ballot papers. EVMs are lightweight and much less number of EVMs is required to cover a constituency. Counting of votes is less time consuming and more accurate through EVMs. Now-a-days, even paper trail can be printed from an EVM. It is because of the use of EVMs that poll results are announced within a day of beginning of counting.

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The machine shows the names of the candidates and party symbols.Independent candidates too have their own symbols,allotted by the election officials. Each voter has to press the button against the name of the candidate she orvhe wants to vote for. Once the polling is over,all the EVMs are sealed and taken to a secure place. A few days later,on a fixed date , all the EVMs from a constituency are opened and the votes secured by each candidate are counted..---report dis as a brainliest ans ....plss....:p