Family is where , you are yourself and unlike what you are in the outside world. ever family has its ups and downs , joys and sorrows. but , one thing we must keep in mind , is that w must not be that reason for sorrow. we , must always bring joy and pride to our family , that would be the least contribution from our side , for what they have done to nurture. hardship is a part of every family , without hardships one cannot move on. we must always try to help our family out in every possible way , and try utmost not create further hardships. a happy family's secret to success , would be unity in overcoming hardships and sharing and spreading the word of joys and sorrows.
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Every people in the world has a is not neccessary that a family will consist of parents and chils.a family actually means a group of people living togeher and share all yheir joys and sorrows.we are supported by he members of he family.we like to do many hings to make them happy.we work very hard for them. We do all sorts of hardsgips for them.
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