Surya ki kiran laye zindigi me bahar,
ban jata yeh kisi ka aahar.
ye hai har dil ki pukar ,
ki aa jaye surya dev  tayaar .

har bache ko hai bahte
bude bhi aas lagate 
ki ham sab pukar lagate 
aayenge surya dev sabko apni kiran se nahlate 

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hope this will help plz mark as best
i hav made this by my own
The age dawns, the weather fair
Nature warms, without a care
To the North, the winter's cold
A storm rages, from what I'm told
Faraway, the surface flares
Intense heat, with increased glare

A time lag, from there to here
Waves arrive, earth's atmosphere
To the North, electrons barged
Dance the sky, crystallites charged
Waves of light, to those aware
Color night, beyond compare

Warming trends, begin right there
Increased waves, excite the air
Molecules in microwaves
Together rub, and so behave
It's the same with solar flares
Greenhouse effect, but with God's care
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