11. The fancy cat is ______
A) there's
B) their
C) theres
D) they're
E) theirs

12. Don't ______ , tell me what's wrong! (stall or procrastinate)
A) beat the bush
B) bush-beat
C) beat around the bush
D) bushbeat
E) beat

13. She has ______ cats.
A) too
B) much
C) to
D) none
E) two

14. She likes ______ who are tall.
A) men's
B) men
C) mans
D) mens
E) man

15. He plays tennis ______ basketball.
A) on
B) but
C) of
D) and
E) nor



11) The fancy cat is theirs. 12)Don't beat around the bush. 13)She has two cats. 14)She likes men who are tall. 15)He plays tennis and Basket ball.
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11.)E 12.)C 13.)E 14.)B 15.)D