Date 30th Oct 12


The Branch Manager

The ICICI Bank


Udaipur 313001

Sub :- Intimation of lost ATM card and issuing a new one


  I hereby require to intimate you that I have lost my ATM card in the way back to home last evening there for, I requested your good self to block the ATM card no 78xxxxxxxxxxxx12 in the of Harimohan Meena of Which the saving A/C No. 6939xxxxxxxx (debit card) here by I request you to kindly issue a new ATM card to me at earliest and oblige.

Thanking you in anticipation

Your truly


House No. 00

Near water Tank

Udaipur 313002

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The Manager

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Sub: Requisition of Lost ATM Card ______ (Insert the card number)

It is my kind request that you please issue me a new ATM card since my existing card with number ­­­­­­­_______ connected to my bank account is lost. It is important for me as without it I cannot make banking transactions easily. I have asked the bank customer care in advance to block the ATM card. Please make sure that my lost ATM card is not used for making any transactions.

Thank you

________ (Insert your name and sign)

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