1) Mention any 3 features of the Constitution that was drafted in 1791 by the national Assembly in France. (3 marks)

2) What are the steps taken by President Allende to help the poor and the workers? (3 marks)

3) Why are Saudi Arabia, Fiji and Estonia not considered as democratic countries? (3 marks)




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1. French constitution from the year 1791 was the first written constitution in France. It was based on the The Declaration of Rights of Men from two years before and so it was aiming at shifting the country's rule to the people and establishing the consitutionality of France. 

2. President Allende took many steps to enhance the quality of life and labour of workers in Chille. He was a marxist which makes that fact hardly a surprise. He started even before he was a president by showing his support marching with workers against the government. He founded many scholarships for poor children. In 1971 he even raised the minimum wages for blue-collar workers by about 40% whereas the white-collar workers had their minimum wages raised by mere 10%. 

3. Saudi Arabia - as a conservatively muslim country many basic rights are abused in Sauid Arabia (Human and Civil rights as they are understood by the ONZ). The most obvious one would be the discrimination of women.

Estonia - it's a country that's a part on the EU officially acknowledged as a democratic country. You might say that the Russian minority is being discriminated in Estonia which makes its democracy not a perfect one but compared to Saudi Arabia, it's a model democratic country. 

Fiji - the electoral system there counts the native Fijian voice as more important than those Fijian that have an Indian origin for example. 

Sorry it took me so long but it was a really complicated one :D I hope that there are no mistakes there ;) 


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