↵Akshay, sitting in the last row in his class, could not see clearly the words written on the blackboard. When the teacher noticed it, he announced if any student sitting in the front row could volunteer to exchange his seat with Akshay. Salman immediately agreed to exchange his seat wit Akshay. He could now see the words written on the blackboard clearly. The teacher thought it fit to send the message to Akshay 's parents advising them to get his eyesight checked. Which defect of vision is Akshay suffering from ? Which type of lens is used to correct this defect? State the values displayed by the teacher and Salman. In your opinion, in what way an Akshay express his gratitude towards the teacher and Salman ?




he is suffering from myopic defect.

a suitable concave lens must be used.

values by teacher : attentive approach.

value by salman: helpfulness .

akshay can express his gratitude towards the teacher by scoring good marks and to salman being a good friend.

Akshay is suffering from Myopia or short sightedness due to which the he is not able to see the text written on blackboard clearly. This is caused due to elongation of eye ball and due to increase in curvature of eye lens.
 A concave lens of suitable power can be used to correct the defect since it will provide more divergence to form the image at the retina. (The image is formed in front of the retina in a myopic eye.)
The teacher is caring and responsible. He has a scientific temperament as he recognized the defect before it could affect the child badly and cause more vision impairment.
Salman is of a helpful nature and is very adjusting.