1. Choose the sentence which correctly utilizes capitalization.
A) The Canadian man spoke french.
B) The canadian man spoke French.
C) The canadian man spoke french.
D) The Canadian man spoke French.
E) The Canadian man Spoke French.

2. There is only ______ water in my glass. Please fill it.
A) a little
B) less
C) much
D) a few
E) many

3. ______ a shame that the bird broke ______ wings.
A) Its / its
B) It's / its
C) It's / one's
D) It's / it's
E) Its / It's

4. ______ a big sports fan.
A) his
B) he is
C) he's
D) His
E) He's

5. The diamond necklace is ______ my neck.
A) at
B) through
C) around
D) over
E) toward



1. (D). 2. (A). 3. (A). 4. (E). 5. (C).
2 5 2
#1. d
#2. a
#3. e
#4. e
#5. c
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