1. One is more cared in his/her home.
2. One experiences more freedom in home.
3. You are not ignored by none.
4. Home is primary surroundings are secondary.
5. One is grown and raised from home.
6. Love and affection is more in home than the cunning surroundings.
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confused. can u clarify
like there could be places better than home ! n stuff !
I disagree
haha ! :P mee too but i gotta tough topic
We all have homes where we live.It is the only place in the whole world were you feel safe and comfortable.It is only place where is peace.It is place where you can do anything without fear of any outsider.You keep all your things here.You live happily with your family.So, we can conclude that all you have in your house, you can't get that anywhere in the world that is the comfort like home.