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The force between atoms within a molecule is a chemical or Intramolecular forceThe force between molecules is a physical or intermolecular forceThermal energy is the energy arising from motion of its atoms and moleculesIt is directly proportional to the temperature of the substanceIt is the average kinetic energy of the particles of matter and is thus responsible for movement of particlesThe movement of particles is called thermal motionThe three states of matter are the result of balance between intermolecular forces and thermal energy of particlesWhen the molecular interactions are very weak, molecules do not cling together and to make liquid or solid unless thermal energy is reduced by lowering the temperatureGases do not liquefy by compression only although molecules come very closeWhen thermal energy is lowered by lowering the temperature, gases can be liquefied easilyThus, the three states of matter existThere are three ways in which a water molecule moves: (1) vibration, (2) rotation, and (3) translation to each other and intermolecular forces operate to the maximum
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