Its challenge for all (99% giving wrong answer )

तालाब की ओर जाते हुए भालू को 6 हाथी दिखे।

हर हाथी की पीठ पर 2 बन्दर थे।
और हर बन्दर के हाथ में 1 तोता था।

तो बताओ कुल कितने जानवर तालाब की ओर जा रहे थे...?



1 kyonki bhalu hi talab ki taraf jaa raha that baki sab ko toh usne jate uhe dekha.
2 5 2
sahi hai na
sahi nahi hai kyoki balu to kawal dekh raha tha
1 because their is a bear who is going towards pond . others are just passing by.
2 4 2
this is wrong because bear only see not going towards pond
there were 37 animals? ?
is it correct?
But vanshika your answer is wrong and the answer of kshltlj11 is correct