Plants are  the Gift of God. They can be refered to 'Resource of Oxygen'. Without plants no man will be able to live. Man need oxygen for breathing which is released by plants and they need CO2 to live which are released by human beings.
                       So Man and plants are interdependant. Deforestation, filling of paddy fields will lead to Global warming. So it is more preferable that to prevent those type of activities. These activities are done for the well being of lesser time which would affect the earth for the whole period. So it is ideal not to cut plants,trees etc. Planting more trees and plants are more preferable which would lead to a moderate climate,well being etc. People these days are not aware about this.
            So they cut trees etc. for their own welfare. Grow more plants so that we can get back the beauty of earth and achieve the longevity of human beings and earth.

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Plants completes our Nature. They are biologically called the "Autotrophs" which means the only living thing which can produce their own food. They prepare their own food with the help of raw materials like sunlight, carbon-dioxide, water etc & prepare their food in a process called photosynthesis. But in return gift us with Oxygen (a by-product of photosynthesis) which supports all life forms on the planet Earth.
Now-a-days the increase population had put a great pressure on the trees & deforestation had taken place in a higher scale which is increasing even on a higher rate.
The adverse affect is well known to all of us. Phenomena like greenhouse effect, global warming, and other natural calamities have shown their rise.
The only solution should is that we become more aware of need of the trees rather than ours. Plant more trees so that we can minimize the effect of pollution, control global warming, greenhouse effect.
Our motto should be "If you cut one tree plant 10 trees" to protect our Our nature.
The World Environment Day should not be just a day to remember but also to be implemented & carry out its real purpose.