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By involving youth in disaster preparedness and recovery efforts, youth-serving agencies can help to not only increase youths’ awareness of particular hazards, but can also enhance the chance that they openly discuss how to adequately protect their families and loved ones and understand how to seek help should their community be affected.1 Youth can play a range of roles in youth preparedness programs and play a crucial role in recovery efforts. They may assist communities in mapping their risk and protective factors or may hold leadership positions within programs. Some additional roles include: Sharing the message: Youth can help share the message of disaster preparedness2 Acting as change makers: Youth can act as change makers by sharing information they learned in youth preparedness programs and helping parents and communities to prepare for disaster, for example by developing a disaster plan or disaster preparation kit. Bringing creativity: Youth can bring creative and resourceful ideas to disaster preparedness efforts.3 The federal government supports a number of youth-focused programs that support both preparation and recovery from disasters. These programs include: