Quest for Theory of Everything....

Stephen Hawking was born on January 8, 1942, in Oxford, England. At an early age, Hawking showed a passion for science and the sky. At age 21, while studying cosmology at the University of Cambridge, he was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. Despite his physical disabilities, he has done ground-breaking work in physics and cosmology. His several books have helped to make science accessible to everyone.

Born to Frank and Isabel Hawking, he had an ordinary childhood. But by the time he was eight he was seriously thinking about becoming a scientist. In 1959, at the age of seventeen, Hawking went to Oxford to study natural science and to specialize in physics. Later he took a Ph.D from Cambridge specializing in theoretical physics. At the age of twenty-one he contracted a rare disease, “amyotrophic lateral sclerosis”. It was a terrible disease. There was no known cure for this. In 1965, he got married to Jane .Jane liked his intelligent, eccentric and rather arrogant nature. Besides he was interesting and witty. As a student in Cambridge, Hawking used to ask unexpected and penetrating questions to the most distinguished scientists.. His reputation as a ‘genius’, ‘another Einstein’ began in his Cambridge days. He started writing a book about the universe in 1980. Before completing that book, he had to undergo a tracheotomy operation. After this operation he could not make any vocal sound. Now he continues his work with the help of a computer programme called Equalizer. This programme allowed Hawking to select words from the screen. In 1988 he published his work, “A Brief History of Time”. This book contains a number of paradoxes and unique ideas.

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