Yes, Tiger in the tunnel is a story written by Ruskin bond wherein the author has depicted the theme of sense of duty of baldeo who is a watchman in the wayside signal stop. Although he had heard about the manager tiger but he did not suspend his duties that is his nightly errand to the signal stop where he had to check if the tunnel was free of obstructions or not. This shows that he was very courageous to perform hua duties even at the midnight. Baldeo also encounters a tiger in the tunnel. He knew that flight was impossible for him as tiger will be more sure footed at night. So, he stood courageously grabbing his axe with him. Tiger came towards him and pounced over him. He was able to hurt him with the axe first time but the second time it got struck in the limbs of the Tiger. Now it left baldeo armless and the Tiger teared his body. In this way baldeo kissed his death. Although he was killed by tha maneater tiger, he was very courageous to stand before it and face the obstacle which made him an extraordinary person.
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