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      The people of north eastern part of India enjoy being rightful citizens of this proud nation which fervently believes in diversity, tolerance and secular vision. North East India is indeed a Paradise Unexplored and one of the best destinations for nature lovers, trekkers and wildlife enthusiasts.
       Northeast is the home to numerous traditional art forms which also integrate various weapons like sword, spear, dagger etc. Rhythms of Manipur is a Manipuri band that played at the Singapore Flyer on 2013 as part of celebrations marking 20 of ASEAN-India and they lived up to its reputation as a fusion band.
      Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya is often called the ' Rock Music Capital ' of India. The population in Meghalaya have excelled in past and do so even today in a number of fields pertaining to academics, sports, literature etc.
      The business of floriculture is indeed blooming for the local florists of Sikkim. Sikkim is famous for its lush green plantations and is reaping good profits in its floriculture business. To promote Sikkim at International level, an International flower show is also held there. This flower show exhibits nearly 5000 floral species.
      Tripura encloses a rich cultural heritage of music, fine arts, performing arts and handicrafts. The state has numerous diverse ethno-linguistic groups. The forests of Tripura are a home to numerous birds and beasts. The rich flora and fauna makes this small state a hot spot of biodiversity.
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It is a hilly region.It is a nice place for touriist,ecologist,etc