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asmakam vidyalayasya nama: --------------- bhavanti.
asmakam vidyalaya: ati sundaram asti.
asmakam vidyalaye dwao kridakshetraa: santi , ek: pustakalayam api asti or santhi.
asmakam vidyalaye ek: sundara: udyanam api asti.
asmakam vidyalaye saptatihi adhyapaka: yevam adhyapika santi.
asmakam vidyalayasya pracharya mahodayasya nama: ----------- bhavanti.
asmakam vidyalaye traya: sanganaka kaksha: santi.
asmakam vidyalaye kakshya pratam se dwadasha: kaksha: santhi.
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i know well sanskrit
bcz i have so i said that is good