The task of writing the 1789 French constitution fall on the newly formed assembly they had a little experience on political . They made the 1791 construction solely incorporate based on American liberal politics and civil reforms. 1.)the main essence ,the sovereignty,equal liberty ,equal taxation, freedom to speech and press where asserted in to it.Nobel title ,venality and legal privilege where completely abolished.state charity and education where included in to national agents.marriage where made as a civil rather than religious obligations. 2.) The 2nd main points the king will be placed in the constitutional amendment. Every one in the draft accepted constitutional monarchy .where king can get some power .but declaration of war and assembly power where held by electrol .where his title was change to " the king of the France" from "king of France" 3.) The 3rd points is about ,who will stand for the election candidate and who has right to vote. During that time in France only 25% of population is paying taxes. Where remaining where passive .so they made that only active citizenship hold the right to vote .but many asked for universal suffrage than one potions run and governing the right. //the last 2 points where the draw back to down fall of this constitution .where its only played for one year. The people of France ,they really need there king to be dead and needed full equal rights for them,eventually everything come to a stop when Napoleon Bonaparte crowned him self as a king.//
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