A) As she left the arena, she had made an impression on all of our hearts.
b) I was trudging through the forest, when suddenly I encountered a Grizzly Bear
c) With the fear of embarrassment, I decided not to dance alone.
d)The candidate's supporters soon fell away from her when they discovered about her scandal
e)As the drizzle turned into a rain, I buttoned up my raincoat.
f) When the elephant started to grow furious, the ranger sedated her with a tranquilizer.
g) You have reached your destination.
h) Here, you have to follow the dogma
i)The noise of the passing train drowned out our conversation.
 I had this intuition you would come here just after the rain broke.

All of these are framed by me. You're welcome.
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The sentences are :
1. Riya made a good impression before she left the school.

2. when we all were enjoying in the class room the principal encountered in to the room suddenly.

3. Carlota was having fear of embarrassment hence she stopped giving answers during the classes.  

4. the friendship among all of us was falling away day by day because of one small incident.

5. they were buttoned up only because one player had to leave the play ground because of his/her injury.

6. it was very hard to sedate her because she was mischievous girl.

7. I've never thought about my next destination.

8. there are set of dogma in our school that should be followed up by all the students and even teachers.

9. it was very hard to listen sound of TV because of the construction going side by my house. only because of the construction the sound was drowning out.

10. intuition level of divyanka was very less from past year.
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