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  Advantages of swimming:
1. Swimming helps to manage weight
2. Swimming reduces stress levels and raises self-esteem
3. Swimming boosts your mood
4. Swimming strengthens muscles
5. Swimming is less injure causing exercise
6. Swimming improves your sleep
7. Swimming is sweat-free
 Disadvantages of swimming:
Drowning:The biggest fear and risk of getting into the water is     drowning .
Chlorine effect :The water of the pool is mostly chlorinated and it can be absorbed by your skin and by lungs while breathing, which can cause skin allergy or respiratory problems like asthma.
3.  Open swimming threats : Aquatic animals like Jelly fishes, sharks, crabs, crocodiles, alligator, etc. are other threats as they can harm you physically.  
Over swimming :Excessive practice of swimming can cause damage to your joints such as tendinitis in the knees.        

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