We usually celebrate children's day in school all the time till 8:30 pm we children play games and enjoy a lot more on that day!! my teachers r so friendly they organise the party for us nd a special lunch they made us children very happy. They specially organised our stalls nd some children also enacted thr role of nehru ji that was very funny nd there were many stalls which helped gain knowledge nd for the winners in games they gave a shield nd the memory of that children's day will last long. It had also been published in my school magazine.
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                                        Diary entry
14th November 2015                                                             Monday 9:00
we've enjoyed a lot today in our school. our school has provide us a very good children's day celebration. our teachers have arranged a good party for all of our students and even we had many fun games. I've been in the school till 7 that too with all my best friends. my school today was awesome and all the students loved all the celebrations we had a great day. our school management had made our day with all the specials gifts for us. I'll never forget this day because I've enjoyed a lot in my school after a long time.
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