Father: son you are getting very less marks in maths
son: yes dad. that's because of your ignorance towards me
father: then you are cheating in all other subjects
son: why?
father: because you don't study any of your subjects yourself
son: the teacher is very strict in checking 
father:these all are excuse
son: sorry dad but maths is a boring subject
father: why do you feel that?
son: dad becuse i am not able to solve the sums?
father: why?
son: why?
father: because your concepts are not clear
son: how should i recover that?
father:maths is an interesting subject . you have to read it thoroughly 
son: but the teacher says that maths is not about reading its about solving
father: she's right but you need to understand that she says this for those who have their concepts in mind its not for you
son: so i am not like ordinary children 
father: of course you are like them you need to be fast so that come with them again
son: but why do we study maths
father: maths is not only for passing exams its also a basic need of your career and food of your brain
son: food of brain? whats it?
father: it treats your brain in the way that it becomes practical
whichever field you go you need calculations ,geometry and many more
son: yes you are right dd now will cook myself and feed my brain myself
father: very well son
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