Madhur Madhur mere deepak jal by Mahadevi Verma has its central theme that requests the almighty that he may come to her as her spirit enlightens his path and that her spirit may for ever burn unto enlightening the very path through which lord comes to her. Para 2. Verma ji lived away from her husband. In an all lonely world for her, even when large populations existed around her she was solitary. She asks her प्रियतम (the almighty) to come to her and relieve her of all anxieties for she possesses no further strength to retreat to him. She calls her spirit or soul the lamp or दीपक and asks it that it shall burn anyway. That burning you enlighten the world and the Almighty's path, so elaborated that it shall extend till infinity. Para 3. The poet asks her enlightened soul that it must also radiate heat to unexcited and the minds who have retreated to darkness and guide them to the path of prosperity. Very similarly as a lightbug is attracted to दीपक and burns to death symbolizes its want for knowledge. Para 4. Mahadevi ji was alone between a large population. No one she could call her own; people who lacked any compassion or love towards her. Therefore, symbolizing those she calls the stars lacking compassion and any romanticism for even being so populous, they do not radiate light and no particular is benefited from such light while solitarly a moon even though a bit, enlightens the earth and supply people's mind with peace. And even though the vast ocean has unfathomably deep water, yet deep within his heart burns. Burns in anxiety of lacking people's love and (in the poet's case) being away from his beloved. Lastly she says- even though the clouds may seem harmless and soft yet they are capable to produce high voltage electricity and that it does have fire within, fire of anxiety which she herself has controlled.