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ans9.(i) Inijuedjate cause It is the real cause of the disease, which is also called the first level of cause. For infectious diseases, the immediate cause is the pathogen, viz,virus fungus, protozoan worm. Suppose a baby is suffering from loose motions. The first level of cause is the pathogen which may be virus or bacterium. The pathogen
reaches inside the body through unclean drinking water, contaminated food, milk bottle and other articles.

(ii) Contributing causes They make a person prone to catching the disease. All the persons are not equally susceptible to a disease. Some contract the disease while other do not though they may receive equal amount of contamination. The suscep-tibility may be due to poor health related to under-nourishment. In some persons, susceptibility or non-susceptibility to a pathogen is genetically related. The contribut
uting causes of under nourishment and poor heredity are also called second level of causes as they are connected with a particular person.

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