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        Water bodies have served various functions to meet the water requirements of the people for domestic as well as industrial uses. They are host to various flora and fauna and are an important feature of landscape. While nearly 70% of the world is covered by water and nearly 60% of the human body is made of water, ironically, merely 0.0007% of planet's water is available for its 6.8 billion people.The daily drinking water requirement per person is 2-4 litres, but it takes 2000 to 5000 litres of water to  produce one person's daily food It takes 1000-3000 litres of water to produce just one kilo of rice. 
          Over the years we have seen that the level of water that can be put to use has reduced. Water available for irrigation is 3% out of which only 0.9% is put to use as the rest 2.1% is in the form of icebergs and glaciers. The level of water in the rivers and oceans has also gone down due to excess usage of water by the population of the world, and this is not replenishing in any way. Water management is a sound way to store water for future use. Management of water should start from home at first and then we should talk about using this measure on large scale.Large industries can also take up measures to management of water. They can recycle water and reuse it for different purposes in the industry. They should use cooling towers that use less amount of water.

             Water management habits should start young. It is vital that our youth be educated so they can grow into citizens that are environmentally conscious and are in tune with the environmental issues that will be so important during their lifetime.In order to engage with the country’s youth, new techniques will need to be employed, an open mind kept and new technology utilized. Youth of this generation are influenced heavily by these technological advances, music and fashion, and this very same tools will need to employed to spark an interest in them regarding water resources.However, the role of the youth in water governance and the extent of their ability to get involved are not always clear. But there are cases where the youth are actively taking responsibility for effective water management.
The youth are encouraged to participate in forest management activities because it is so much a part of their life and livelihood. Community awareness of the need for sustainable resource management is high, and this can be seen in the extent of forest cover, which is estimated at 60% within the ancestral domain. The high forest cover in the area helps secure the community’s water source, such that they have plentiful and clean supply both for consumption and irrigation.The youth engagement in water management is a good and clear sign that they are taking responsibility for the future . Their actions are important for maintaining and managing the resources within their own community, but they are also critical to maintaining downstream ecological services that broader society often takes for granted. 
       Water is the essence of life, the most precious commodity. We need to preserve it and keep it for our future generations.


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