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1.     Explain what Make in India project is – an initiative taken by the Indian government to encourage companies – national as well as international – to manufacture their products in India. Explain what the possible benefits of this project are. Some of the goals that the government wants to achieve through this project are:

·       To focus on job creation and skill enhancement in various sectors of the economy.

·       To maintain high quality standards and to minimize the impact on the environment.

·       To attract capital and technological investment in India.

2.     Explain how youth holds the key to tomorrow’s success. The young generation of today is the leader of tomorrow. It’s the youth of today that can steer the nation towards progress in future.

3.     It is very important that the leaders of the country have full-fledged support from the young generation. If we want to achieve long-term benefits from a policy, it is essential that today’s leaders and the youth are on the same page so that those policies are modified and continued to reap maximum benefits. If the generation gap creeps in and the two generations do not agree with each other’s plans for development, it will be a waste of time, energy and money to launch new projects or formulate new development policies. Explain how and why it is important for the youth to be involved in projects like ‘Make in India’.

4.     By educating and enlightening themselves today, the young generation can empower itself to be a better leader for tomorrow. The whole-hearted involvement of the youth is very crucial for the success of a huge project like ‘Make in India. Youth can contribute in many ways in this project. These will be explained in the proceeding paragraphs.

5.     By educating themselves and having a better understanding of mathematical models, communication technology and scientific fields, the youth can equip themselves to be the inventors of tomorrow. It is the young generation that will make discoveries tomorrow and make advancement in the fields of science and technology. By making a strong foundation today, the youth can ensure a higher and safer flight in the sly of success tomorrow.

6.      The youth of any country is a vulnerable power that needs to be carefully harnessed for the development and progress of the country. By educating the youth about the social equality and gender equality, we can completely eradicate these social plagues from our society. If it is embedded in their minds that any form of inequality is unacceptable, tomorrow, when the future is in their hands, they will materialize this thought into reality and help in creating a society free of prejudices and unwanted divisions. By teaching the young generation to respect their mothers and sisters today, we will keep the foundation of a society where the women have equal rights and there is no need for any more women empowerment demands.

7.     By making the young generation wise enough to take judicious decisions and teaching them the benefits of the holistic development of the country, we will create leaders that will work day and night for rural development as well as the industrial expansion. There will be no backward areas and the country will witness an overall progress.

8.     By teaching good management skills to our young generation, we can make sure that tomorrow; the country goes in good hands. The youth is nation’s future. The time that we spend to empower and educate the youth today, will bear it fruits tomorrow in the form of capable and competent leaders. Hence we can say that the youth plays a very important part in ‘Make in India’ project.