It was dark when we got down from the train the place was totally strange to us gopi who has promised to be at that station was no where in sight. I was there at station with all my friends so we had been strong to our selves and we've called gopi. He wasn't lifting the phone call we've been trying and trying to call him through different cell phoned we've but he wasn't lifting the call. We all decided to leave the station and go to any hotel so that we can be there for this night and again call this gopi. With too much hard word we had got a taxi for hire. We all 4 members went in to the taxi and asked the driver to take us to a good hotel to stay for tonight. he agreed as per we said. Before reaching the hotel in between the taxi got stopped and it wasn't working at all. The driver got down and he was running behind way  the road from which we've come, he was running as if there was a stray dog running behind. we didn't understand why he was running in that manner. We all got down the taxi and when we had a look around us we've understood that we were in front of the grave yard. Then we've decided to leave the place and even we started running the way back. But we seen that there was a greenish black demon in front of us and it was saying something which none of us could understand and in the hurry to escape we all ran in to the grave yard. we all four members namely Hemant, Mukul, Teju and Adarsh-myself went into the grave yard bravely for first time. I was at that last and teju was at the first and rest both I mean mukul and Hemant were in between because they were frightened a lot. I've seen a Dracula behind me I was about to scream loudly it just caught me and dragged me back towards it. when I opened my eyes it was morning and my sisters shraddha and pahi and divyanka were waking me up because we were going to a trip.
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