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1. involvement: The play should involve most of the children if not all.
2. Ease of play: Play should'nt be complicated, easy to understand, dialogues should be simple.
3. Plot: the plot must be interesting to make the characters feel encouraged and engrossed.
4. Fun! - The Play must be fun as the very point of a play is to facilitate leaning through a fun experience.
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Could you please hlp me with sme mre questions on kids subjs??
Most definitely, please ask! :)
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Here d qustns r… Describe one play activity that you will carry out to: 1)foster language of 3year olds. 2)develop reasoning ability among 4 year olds. 3)foster sharing and cooperation among 5 Year olds. 4)foster fine motor development durimg infancy. For each activity, mention its content and the material required.