Alfa Ltd.' was dealing in renewable energy. To get the business, the team leader and his team used to travel to different states to give presentation to their clients. As per the policy of the company, the leader used to travel by air, whereas his team travelled by road/train. It was not only time consuming but also at time forced female team members to travel alone.

As a result, the subordinates were not acting in a desired manner to achieve organisational goals. The CEO came to know about it. He called the team leader, discussed the matter with him and decided to change the travel policy of the company. It was decided that all the members including the leader would travel together in future and would usefully utilise the travelling time in discussion with the subordinates about presentation to be given to the clients. This made a positive impact and every member of the team started acting in a manner as desired by the team leader.

State the features of the element of the function of management used by the CEO.



Inner feeling
Goal oriented activities
Can be both positive and negtive
It's complex