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Vigyapan is an advertisement on something
it doesnt actually have a format
(ex. if the topic is on toothpaste)
=>you can use illustrations to give a clear picture.ex. yo can use a girl brushing teeth,you draw a picture of that toothpaste

=>you put a price tag like sirf 34/- mein,aadhi daam mein pehle 100 ab 50,special offer,etc

=>you can write slogans like daaton ko chamkaane keliye

here's an example of how you can do it

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1. The topic should be eye-catching. 
2. Make sure that the advertisement is not too long. Write the             advertisement between 30-70 words.
3. Write the main and important features of the advertised object.
4. When you get the topic, think of the ads you see in TV or newspapers.
    Then you will get an idea for what to write.


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