1)esterification is the process by which ester is formed by the reaction of ethanol and ethanoic acid in the presence of acid. Saponification is the reaction in which ester is treated with alkalu NaOH and converts back to alcohol and sodium salt of carboxylic acid. 2)in esterification eter is formed CH3COOH+C2H5OH----CH3COOC2H5 +H2O in saponification soap is formed CH3COOH+NaOH-----CH3COONa+C2H5OH
1. Saponification means process of preperation of soap and esterification means process of preperation esters.
2. Saponification involves reaction between carboxylic acid and a base whereas esterification involves reaction between alcohol and carboxylic acid.
3.Esterification needs  as a catalyst whereas saponification do not need.
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