Discipline is manner or a believer in school or any every
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Discipline is considered to be a good quality of a person. If there is no discipline in a person then the person would have no idea of other people. discipline helps us to enteract with new people. If there is no discipline 1 can not handle anything. patience is a thing which comes under category of discipline. disciplined person will find their way even if they r in big problems. The 1 who see us should always remember us by our deeds. A prospective student will always have a disciplinary manner. in front of elders or younger'$ we must maintain our discipline.... discipline should be always with our heart not by mind. If we enact in discipline manner reluctantly to impress others then it is of no use. It should be done by heart. disciplined person will definitely be in top most of the world. Every one should have discipline. It is the most imp part of our life. PLZZ MARK IT AS BRAINLIEST IF IT REALLY HELPED U.... PLZZZ
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