Uncle Podger was unable (or unwilling) to tackle a task alone. He would send everyone off to do his bidding, make a mess of things, and blame it on everyone else. Then it would start all over again, with everyone at his back and call. This would go on for quite awhile, and each time there would be a mistake, and each time someone else would step up to help. In the end, Uncle Podger would cite how easily things were done, and his wife would comment that she'd stay with her mother during the next project..... a comedy of errors.
There was such a commotion in the house when uncle podger decided to do a job. for a simple task of hanging a picture , he would involve all the members of his family. he would lift the picture and drop it, it would cut his finger and then he would hunt for his handkerchief. he would not find it because it was in his coat pocket and he was sitting on it. he would shout "doesnt anybody know in the house where i put my coat- six of you! i never came across on such a set in my life!"after further mishaps he would hang the picture in the midnight. it would be crooked and insecured and the wall around it in shambles.
the narrator said that when harris grows he will be like uncle podger. 
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