I jumped out of bed at midnight and heard an unusual sound. Somebody whispered ,"Tina". I was scared all of a sudden. I saw my sister's bed. She wasn't there. I thought, "Maybe she went to the loo?".  I sneak out and went to my grandparent's room, They weren't there. I ran downstairs to my parent's room. They weren't there. "Where could have they gone",I thought. I heard a jingling sound. It was my dog, Bruno. It came running and woofed. It bit my night dress and pulled me to the living room. The lights turned on suddenly. I was terrorized. I closed my eyes and prayed. And then I heard somebody say, "Happy Birthday to you. Happy birthday to dear Tina. Happy birthday to you". I opened my eyes and saw a huge cake. I saw my parents, sister and my grandparents with a gift in their hand. I was so happy.It was the best birthday I ever had with my family.