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Stable equilibrium :  pendulum at its normal vertical position. Any stone tied to a string and hanging vertically from hands. A weigth attached to a spring. A book or pen lying on a table or floor. If you lift pen book a little and leave, it will fall back.
When these are disturbed - they tend to return to their previous positions. A coin lying on floor.

Unstable  equilibrium: if you disturb an object then it will move away from equilibrium and perhaps returns to this unstable equilibrium position. But initially it remained in unstable equilibrium statically or with uniform speed.
 A coin standing on the edge on the floor. A conical shaped utensil, beaker standing inverted with small aperture on the ground.

Neutral equilibrium  :  a ball sphere on ground.  It will always reman in same position, if you roll, left a little .. the center is always radius distance away from floor.