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Amount for the booking of hotel = 1200 Rs
Let there be x tourists
When all the tourist paid money, its 1200/x
When 3 members failed to pat, its 1200/(x-3)

So, according to the question:
1200/(x-3) - 1200/x = 20
1200x- 1200x + 3600/ x(x-3) = 20
3600= 20*x(x-3)
3600= 20x^2-60x

Now, Factor left side of equation.= −20(x+12)(x−15)=0

Therefore, x=-12 or x= 15

Now , number of tourists = -12 is not possible
Therefore, number of tourists is 15

Therefore, there were 15 tourists in the party
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hello what is pat
what does pat mean in your answer