Draw their heads by creating two rounded rectangles angled on top of each other. However, create the second one by drawing it slightly angled and slightly higher than the other one. Add vertical and horizontal lines. This will help you draw their faces later on. Ad 2Draw their hair. The boy’s hair should be spiky and the girl’s hair should be wavy. The hair should be long enough to cover their eyes. 3Draw both of their main bodies. Create uneven shapes (as shown) by omitting the necks. Add vertical guidelines to help create volume with their bodies. 4Draw their arms and hands. Draw the girls hands hugging the boy while the boys hands reciprocating the hug. 5Then draw the lower part of their bodies. Draw the pants and shoes of the boy and then a skirt for the girl. In this picture the boy is in a sitting position while the girl is kneeling beside the boy. 6Before drawing the details of your artwork, do a little clean-up first. Erase some inside and unnecessary lines. 7Draw the details. Add stripes on the girl’s shirt, and folds on the boy’s T-shirt. Next, add in specific details such as a star, a sun and a checkered band on the boy. 8Finish your artwork by drawing the eyes, the hair, and the appropriate shadows. For this illustration we're adding a striped background too. 9You can now outline your emo kids artwork with permanent media. You can use anything you like (for example, ink or paint). Wait a few minutes before erasing your pencil marks. 10Color your drawing and you are done. Follow the accompanied illustration to guide you in coloring.