Internet, these days, is something we can't live without. Internet is a boon to man-kind. It helps us to communicate, to get information, we can play online games, we can talk to friends through social-networking sites, etc. Students of the 21st century have learn to make good use of it and also bad use of it. Students can make good use of it by searching information regarding to their homework, project, assignment, etc. But students become lazy by not expressing their thoughts, they don't do their assignment on their own. Instead they take the help of the internet. Students these days log on to social-networking sites and waste their precious time. They get addicted to games and social-networking and don't concentrate on their studies. Students should make good use of internet and also minimize the use of Internet. 
Internet is like salt in food if there is no salt the dish spoils and on another hand if there is a lot of salt again the dish spoils . Everybody should use net until a limit especially children. The net is spoiling ones life but yes if there is no internet how can we know more about a particullar thing yes we can get it from library but still think we have to go it then find the book then issue it and so on but on net we just sit and a lot of options come to us so its better no to use net too much and only use it for studing or find information about it because some sites are very bad on the net so lets just stop these by taking some urgent and good step to prevent the children to go in these sites let help to save someones life