The use of wood is not advisable because although the wood is a renewable resource but if we use wood for our different purpose then cutting of trees will be occur which will cause depletion of forest leading to environmental imbalance. Also there will be lot of pollution occur.
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Because Of The Following Reasons ⇒
1. It Results in Deforestation Which Affects The Biodiversity and have a negative impact of Environment And Human Beings
2. Cutting Down Trees For Fuel Wood Disturbs The Water Cycle and results In Reduction Of Rainfall
3. Carbon Dioxide is Released Which Is a Green House gas and thus Results In Global Warming
4. It Releases Oxides Of Sulphur And Nitrogen Which Mixes In the Atmosphere And Forms Acid Rain
5. Smoke Release Causes Redness And Irritation Of Eyes
6. It Causes Cancer of Lungs In The Gas Released By It Is Inhaled By us
7. It Increases The Chances Of Heart Diseases 

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