Aim: To see that metals are good conductor of electricty
1. we take a bulb, wires, switch(optional), batteries and an iron nail.
2. we make an complete electric circuit using the bulb, batteries and switches.
3. We have to test wether it works or not.
4. next, we have to cut the wire in two parts at some point in the circuit.
5. we fix the iron nail in between the two parts of the wire and complete the electric circuit again.
precautions: We have to see that the battery is not too powerful so that one can get an electric shock.
the nail should be handled carefully so that no one's injured
Observations: We'll see that even when the iron nail is fixed in between the wires of the circuit, the bulb glows.
Conclusion: We can conclude that electricity can pass through iron nail which is made up of metal. Thus we see that metals are a good conductor of electricty
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