Rani Bagh,

New Delhi


Dear xyz

How are you? I am fine with the grace of god and hope the same with you. I am writing this letter to invite you on diwali party.

As you know Diwali  commemorates the victorious return of Lord Rama and his wife, Sita, to their home after exile. It represents the triumph of good over evil and light over dark. Family and friends come over. Lots of food is served and everyone lights small clay lights which were used to light the way for Lord Rama. It is comparable to Christmas in that it is a religious holiday which brings together friends and family and at which there are lots of lights, decoration and food.

Diwali is not far off and already our colony resounds with crackers in the night. I am so excited that I've already exhausted my stock of 'anars', 'dhani' and other big bombs. If there were a terrorist, I could blow him up.

An uncle of mine is contributing 500 rupees for our Diwali crackers and sweets this time. It's going to be great fun. Could you come and join the fun? Please do.

Your loving friend,


Hope it helps you!!

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