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There were very few strengths of Mohammad bin tughluq.
The weaknesses of him were
He only kept on shifting his capital for saving them from Mongol attacks.
He chosed Daulatabad in the Deccan. When he realized that the North western frontiers from Daulatabad back to Delhi.
This caused heavy financial loss and great hardship to the people.
After shifting back to Delhi the Sultan lost control over deccan where the Vijayanagar and Bahamani kingdoms arose.
Strength: Tughlaq was an excellent adnministrator/ he did not permit the ulemas (priests) either to interfere in politics /he has splendid talent in mathematics and physical sciences/and he even used to attend to sick persons for the purpose of watching the symptoms of any extraordinary disease /he is good in map/terrain reading for battle strategies Weakness:he miss judge many time in his lifetime because he believe the theory of kingship and hence he kept absolute power in his hands so,he never ask his council for decision. 3 main decision that made his kingdom Trumbull and fall later are;shift his capital from Delhi to Devagiri and back to Delhi in AD 1327.token currency or loose currency ,he circulate coins of brass or copper were stamped as value equal to that of a silver. expedition to China and Qarachil in the Kumaun-Garhwal region of the Himalayas It was a disaster that's he lose his army and this gave his provenance to revolts in various parts of the empire Warangal, Karnataka, Gujarat, Sind, Awadh and Bengal so he has to army marched from one end of India to the other to crush the revolts.
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