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The main advantage of the ozone layer is that it absorbs the ultra violated rays(UV rays)of the sun ,preventing it to reach the earth's surface,which is very harmful.If the ozone layer was not present ,then the life on earth would be really difficult.The ozone layer is getting affected due to human activities and pollution.We have to try our best to save it.....

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        The main advantage/function of this ozone layer is to protect the earth against UV rays Due to increase use of many harmful gases and human activities, specially the use of CFCs (Chloro Floro Carbon) by refrigaretor, AC, etc., the thickness of the ozone layer is going on decreasing. Which causes holes on this layer and termed as 'Ozone Hole'. Due to there is sun's UV rays comes directly to the earth's environment and damage the things.               Therefor, it is important and we should try to save this by decreasing use of CFCs existing machines.
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