Friendship is very important part of our life.Cultivating great friendship is one of the surest way to find happiness and joy in ur life. Recent studies show that those with a wide circle of friends and family,live longer ,worry less. But Friendships, like all othe good things in life,take time,energy and commitment. Having said this, few things will offer greater rewards.As one philosopher wrote many centuries ago,"There is nothing in the world more valuable than friendship. Those who banish it from their lives remove as it were the sun from the earth, bcoz of all of nature's gifts, it is most beatiful and the most peasing." To build deeper friendships, u must be willing to move out of ur comfort zone, break the ice with people u might not know very well ans show sincere warmth.If u plant seeds of friendship,u are bound to receive a rich harvest of great friends.So ,at last i would like to say that we should develop a great friendship.
THANK YOU.......