I am a butterfly. I have very bright and colorful wings. I fly with my exotic wings among deep green bushes. I can feel the jealousy of flowers at that time, because they are not as colorful and as attractive like me. When children come to play at the parks during afternoon, I also fly among them. They chase me and shout in joy. I too feel very happy to take part in their game. Only some time, a few naughty boys try to catch me and I get afraid. I find the little girls much better because they are not at all naughty. I consider them as my friends. 

But, I was not always so beautiful. It is now almost impossible to imagine that when I took birth I was extremely ugly and repulsive to look at. Then my name was caterpillar and I had so many legs. I could move very slowly and could not fly. I used to crawl and eat green leaves. Then one day, some kind of transformation started to take place. I found myself confined within a hard and strong shell called coccune. I spent days within that and one day when it broke open, I found myself reborn with these bright colorful wings with which I can now fly as per my will. I felt very happy and thanked God for transforming me so beautifully.