You: Hi Jack! Jack: Hello! You: How are you? Jack: I am fine and you? You: I doing great too. Jack: That's good to hear. You: Jack it's been a long time since I met your uncle, how is he? Jack: He is fine too. You: Please give my regards to him when you meet him. Jack: Sure I will. You: I am on my way to watch a football match, if you are interested you are welcome. Jack: Really? It's Arsenal vs Tottenham right? You: yes that's correct! Jack: I am definitely interested. You: That's great, let's go and watch the match together then? Jack: Yes.
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SA: Hi WA. How was ur trip to the Great Fair?
WA: Hi SA. ya,it was good.
SA: U enjoyed?
WA: Yeah...but some scenes were horrible.
SA: Why? What happened?
WA: I saw many poor animals being tortured like hell. The sight was heartbreaking.
SA: Oh !!! Really?
WA: yeah...I literally cried when a poor old monkey was beaten to perform an act. The poor thing was crying with pain. I decided i should do something to save its life.
SA: Oh what did u do then?
WA: I thought of a plan. There were a lot of people. So I had to turn their attention.
SA: Then?
WA: I moved back a shouted "Snake, snake"
SA: Wow, thats great
WA: YEah...alll people started running here and there. I ran to the poor monkey and made it free.i saw it looking at me thankfully with its teary eyes. i was so so happy i could save its life and protect its dignity.