Points for writing speech on travel and tourism and some questions too

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You would use the following points to make a speech on your own --


                                              Tourism is important as


# From educational point of view, it helps us explore the world-Its traditions and cultures.

# From economial aspect-It plays a huge role in domestic market economy.Lot of people who work in this branch have this only their source of income.

# It provides employment for local people.

# Mentally also, people understand the religious traditions,etc.This prevents discrimination on the basis of religions.


Teacher would like to ask u some twisted questions somewhat like--

-How would our economy be affected if tourism in our country is suddenly stopped ? What would be its consequences ?

-Tourism is indeed very important.Name some places in our country which play a crucial role in tourism.How does tourism at such places benefit our country ?

-Some country's economy is heavily inclined towards tourism in their country ? Name any of these countries .(E.g.Malta)


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Questions on Travel and Tourism :
1. How will the government help in the development of the travel and tourism ?
2. How will travel and tourism effect the government ?
3. Can there be any job opportunities when the travel and tourism sector would have a development in it ?
4. How does the travel and tourism inspire the youngsters ? and even in what way ?
5. The best way to develop the travel and tourism in our country ?
6. How does the government help out in increasing the facilities in tourist spots of our country ?
some point from my side on travel and tourism for your speech : 
 1. The travel and tourism is the best way to make the person feel fresh and even know all the things about the place he is been through. All most every one loves to travel and see all the tourism spots of the place where is he been there to.  
2. The tourism plays a important role in development of the tourists places by the government and even the government would have a good revenue profit because of the tourism places in its state.
3. There are many places to visit all over the world. there are many people who a passionate to visit all the tourist places even I'm passionate towards the travel and tourism.
4. The travel makes the person know every thing in other places which he visited. Now a days there are many people who visit India to see all the tourist places just like how we visit other countries to see all the tourist places.  
5. The world now a days is all most having all the biggest buildings, largest rivers or lakes. Many people keep their target to visit some places with all their friends or siblings.
( you may use all these points for the speech. but you will need to write all this information in the format of the speech )

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