You are the chief accountant for an Import Export Agency. You have seen an
advertisement for a short training course about a new financial management
programme. Write a memo to your boss to include: 10
i Your request to join the course
ii Some details of the course
iii Why do you think the course will be useful to you and to your company?
(10 marks)




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To: Boss
From: Me
CC: --
Date: March 22, 2016
Subject: New Financial Management Training Course

I would like to express my interest in participating the above subject. 

There is a short training course being offered. It is about a new financial management program. 

As the company's chief accountant, I believe that the course will give me new skills and knowledge that will help me become more effective and efficient in my job. It will also enable me to assist the people under my supervision to also become effective and efficient in their jobs. 

The program will also give me options that may be applied to the company to decrease company's expenses and increase its revenues.

I hope that you will allow me to attend the short training course.
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