a. Rainfall in India emanate from two main sources: Bay of Bengal branch and Arabian sea branch.

b. Beginning from the month of june  monsoon rains occur in intervals. The dry and wet spells of the monsoons vary in strength, frequency and duration causing floods and droughts at the same time in different regions.
c. The distribution of rainfall is uneven in India..Parts of western coast and north eastern India Receive over about 400 cm of rainfall annually.Less than 60 cm in western Rajasthan and adjoining parts of Gujarat, Haryana and Punjab. A third area of low precipitation is around Leh in Jammu and Kashmir.
d. The rest of the country receives moderate rainfall .
e. Monsoon rainfall are of great significance, Growth and development of Indian agriculture is dependent on the amount and distribution of monsoon rainfall. It influences the cropping pattern of the country. Farmers rely on monsoons for the sustenance of their crops.
f. Monsoon rains are very important as they account for large amount of our water supply.
g.Monsoon gives relief from the scorching heat. The entire life of the Indian people revolves around the monsoon.
h. Western depressions causes rainfall in the north western part of the country in winters