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Can u understand the pic i send even i have that poem
1st character= sandeep unnikrishnan h.... he wanted to become a army officer since he was 8.he was put in the counter terrorism opertation ( department to fight against terrorism)........ he was present there on 27/11/2007..............
2nd character is vishnu dattaram zende ........ he was a common railway announcer when he noticed people carrying guns he started announcing that the people should run out for their own lives . he guessed tat something was wrong n finally saved a few lives he di not even bother about his life but wanted to do his duty.....for continucely making announcements for 1/2 an hour
3rd character is karambir singh kang a general manager of hotel taj his family was in one of the rooms and the room was in fire but he wanted to do his duty n saving the guests who were trapped instead of worrying about his wife n son they died due to suffocation